1. God expects that you will...

  • Demonstrate a high level of justice, tolerance, respect, consistency and forgiveness in dealing with your children’s misdemeanours.

2. The Institution expects that you will...

  • Be familiar with the Institution’s expectations of pupils and back up those expectations with your children particularly at the time of enrolment.
  • Be available, if it is necessary, to discuss aspects of your child’s behaviour in the Institution.
  • Feel free to advise the Institution if you judge any of its expectations for pupils as unnecessary or unreasonable.
  • Exercise your rights as a parent and bring to the notice of the Head, concerns and suggestions to make the Institution a happy and safe environment for your child. Confidentially you will be respected.
  • Participate in collaborative activities designed to review the Institution’s discipline policy.
  • Offer support to the Institution’s activities.
  • Support the work of the Institution particularly by enforcing regularity and discipline and by evincing interest in your child’s progress and by extending the fullest co-operation to participation in activities of the Institution.
  • Inculcate respect for person, property and the environment in your children.
  • Sign messages, progress reports or other similar documents when requested to do so, as not to put your child to any inconvenience.
  • Check the diary daily, as it forms a link between the Institutional authorities and the parents.
  • Ensure that your child is not absent on the first or last day of the term without prior permission and that any leave taken is duly sanctioned.

3. The Teaching Staff expect that you will...

  • Feel free to contact an individual teacher if you wish to discuss a matter of concern to you or your child.
  • Not visit any teacher in the classroom as this may disturb the class.
  • Be open to hearing considered teacher opinions regarding your child, even when the comments may be less than complimentary.
  • Be supportive of their actions in dealing with your child. Avoid undermining them in the eyes of your children by making generalised scathing comments about individual teachers or of the teaching profession in general.
  • Find ways of letting teachers or the Institution know when you are particularly pleased with your child’s progress or activities.
  • Advise of your child’s absence if known beforehand.

4. Your Children expect that you will...

  • Be open to hearing their opinions about the Institutions situation, even when they may, differ from teacher perceptions.
  • Intercede for them at appropriate Institution levels in cases where you judge they have been treated unfairly.
  • Avoid over-reacting in instances when the Institution has made contact regarding some unsatisfying aspect of his/her behaviour.
  • Be present to support and motivate your child at invitational activities of the Institution.

5. Other Parents expect that you will...

  • Exert firm parental discipline in case where your child’s behaviour is detracting from the quality of learning opportunities for others in the Institution.
  • Keep your child at home if he/she is suffering from contagious diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, small pox, whooping cough, conjunctivitis (sore eyes) or any other infectious disease and send him / her to school only with a doctor’s fitness certificate.

6. Violation of the Constitutions and Rules of the C.C.B.I shall permit the Institution to put the Parent/Guardian on notice and take appropriate decisions including suspension or striking the name of the child / ward from the institutional register. All decisions of the institution shall be final.

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