Principal's Message

Dear Students, Staff, Parents & Well Wishers of St. Mary’s,

Since 1929, when St. Mary’s High School came into existence, many young boys have left the portals of this school as competent and confident gentlemen.

Nestled in the beautiful forests of Mt. Abu, we have the unique opportunity to instil in every individual that walks into our campus, a sense of care for the Earth and concern for each other, qualities that our world needs at this crucial juncture in its history.

For us in St. Mary’s, education does not only comprise academics, but includes every facet of living life fully and freely, all the while being root in good Values. If the walls of our buildings could tell stories, it would fill up volumes. The joys and sufferings of life are encountered through all our experiences. We are grateful to God for the experiences of our past and present and we earnestly prepare each day to make the world a better place for the future.

We are grateful to all our parents & well-wishers who constantly support us in our endeavour to educate the hearts and minds of the young ones sent to our care. We ask for this continued support in these trying times in our world so that we can shape and form good citizens and human beings who will carry with them a light for those in darkness.

With best wishes,
Br. Robert Fernandes

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